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    Reinventing Financial

    TailorMed harnesses technology to improve the
    financial performance of healthcare providers and
    reduce the financial hardship for patients

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    Dec 16, 2020

    McKesson and TailorMed collaborate to reduce patient financial barriers to care

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    Our Platform

    A comprehensive software solution that automates financial navigation from end to end. Using data and advanced analytics, the platform’s products streamline all steps of the process, from benefit investigation and out of pocket estimation to enrollment and management of approved programs.

    TailorMed Financial

    Optimization of out-of-pocket expenses in all financial navigation domains, based on a patient specific cost projection

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    Financial Insights

    Advanced analytics that empowers management to track, measure and improve financial navigation
    KPIs and ROI

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    Streamlines the free and replacement drug ordering process and allows management tracking of every approved drug program

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    Key Features

    Out of pocket estimation

    Patient specific out-of-pocket estimation based on insurance coverage, treatment plan and payer rates.
    Supports complex episodes of care for multiple disease areas

    Real time matching and enrollment

    An advanced engine that tracks, matches, and enrolls patients to funding opportunities based on their insurance, clinical and demographic data. The comprehensive database is updated in real time and covers financial assistance programs, government plans, drug co-pay, free drug programs, and non-medical assistance programs

    Insurance Optimization

    Dynamic analysis of patients insurance coverage to maximize their benefits and identify optimization opportunities by adding or changing insurance plans.
    Supports commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and Federal plans and enforces policies and enrollment periods for all payers

    Security compliance

    A state of the art HIPAA compliant security management system

    Seamless IT integration

    Flexible and effortless interface to any EMR and Billing system

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