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Removing Financial
Barriers to Care

TailorMed harnesses technology to improve the
financial performance of healthcare providers and
reduce the financial hardship for patients

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TailorMed + Vivor

Removing financial barriers to care, together

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February 7, 2024

TailorMed Named to 2024 New York Digital Health 100

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TailorMed Platform

TailorMed’s comprehensive technology suite allows financial assistance to be leveraged by any provider, pharmacy, or patient, anywhere a prescription is written or dispensed. TailorMed Platform is disease- and therapy-agnostic and can interface with any EMR, pharmacy or practice management system via API or data feed.

Financial Navigation

Combines powerful patient insights, assistance-matching intelligence, and best-in-class financial navigation tools so that you can help more patients with the resources you have today.

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Financial Insights

Powerful analytics and reporting to track key performance indicators, patient population information, team productivity, and more.

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Centralizes program management functionality and streamlines free and replacement drug ordering, tracking and inventory.

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Key Features

Out-of-pocket Projection

Our technology utilizes insurance coverage and treatment-related events to estimate a patient's OOP for buy and bill medications so that teams can prioritize financial discussions with the patients who need it most.

Real-time Intelligent Matching

Our advanced matching engine analyzes insurance coverage, diagnoses, treatment(s), FPL percentage, and other factors to intelligently match eligible patients with relevant opportunities across 6,000 resources including copay cards, foundations, free drugs, SDOH, and government plans.

Expedited Enrollment

With features like PDF auto-population, digital in-platform enrollment, and direct connectivity with manufacturers, enrollment processes have been fully streamlined to reduce tedious manual work and outreach for status updates.

Security & Compliance

TailorMed utilizes industry-standard security protocols, in accordance with HIPAA and HITRUST requirements.

Seamless Integration

Utilizes data from any system or source via API or secure data feed.

Scale Financial Assistance with TailorMed.

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