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TailorMed Financial Assistance Platform an end-to-end financial navigation solution for healthcare providers

Financial toxicity and revenue collection challenges have a pervasive effect on your patients’ and organization’s financial health. TailorMed offers the most comprehensive suite of products that automates what is, in many cases, a fragmented and inefficient process.

Financial Navigation

TailorMed Financial Navigation Platform streamlines and automates your center’s financial processes - from proactively identifying patients with the highest financial risk, offering personalized funding opportunities and enrolling them to these programs.

Insurance benefit investigation

Automatic eligibility checks for patients’ health plans enable visibility to benefits, accumulators and up-to-date status of patient’s utilization

Out of pocket projection

Projection of out-of-pocket costs for complex episodes of care based on the patient's insurance benefits, treatment plan and provider rates.
The out of pocket estimation provides transparency for patients, enables the organization to comply with value based care initiative.

Cost optimization

Personalized analysis, identification and enrollment of patients’ to financial assistance programs, government plans and insurance optimization opportunities.
Full coverage of every financial navigation opportunity available, including: pharma copay, free/replacement drugs, local and nationwide foundations, and state and federal government plans

Insurance optimization

Dynamic analysis of patient’s benefits to identify opportunities of benefit maximization, enrollment to additional coverage, or replacement to a more cost-effective health plan. The analysis takes enrollment opportunities into account and projects the potential value for patients and providers

Financial Insights

TailorMed Financial Insights is a powerful analytics and reporting dashboard that tracks, measures and reports the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your financial navigation processes and allows administrators and financial executives to measure the impact on the center’s bottom line

Real-time tracking

Ongoing tracking of the organization's use of available financial opportunities, including high level views and detailed metrics of assistance programs, staff performance, drugs, services and more

Measure your ROI

Accounting for each dollar saved, and allocating to revenue collection and/or community benefits


Powerful reporting of KPIs, periodic statistics and customizable reports to support a data-driven decision making process


TailorMed Pharmacy extends beyond the stage of enrolling patients to a free/replacement drug program, by streamlining the process of ordering, tracking and properly billing each drug order based on the patient’s treatment regimen

Proactive inventory scheduling

Each order is automatically entered into the system based on the patient’s treatment plan, and is updated in real time based on their treatment status. Notifications are sent ahead of time to ensure that drugs are readily available when a patient is scheduled to be administered

Automatic notifications

In-app and email notifications remind when a drug should be ordered, alerts from overdue orders and notify when a new free drug program has been approved

Reduce the risk of write offs

By streamlining the free/replacement drug order process, the solution reduces the chances of dispensing a drug out of inventory and writing it off