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We’re on a journey to remove barriers to care for patients in healthcare. Our team is the key part of making this vision a reality.

Our mission is to move mountains for patients. Together we built an end-to-end solution that enables better clinical and financial outcomes for our clients’ patients. By bringing together years of experience in healthcare and technology, plus our passion to really make a change in a challenging industry, we're able to advance this mission.

We value our team’s commitment to helping patients, and empower them to take ownership, be fearless, and grow professionally. If you want to make an impact, and are ready for an exciting challenge, take a look at the open positions below.

TailorMed in a nutshell

There’s something called "financial toxicity"

Financial toxicity is a term that describes the financial hardship and poor clinical outcomes experienced by patients undergoing treatment.

And we fight it with technology

Leveraging data and advanced analytics, our solution finds financial opportunities for patients out of thousands of available programs, and automates the entire workflow for our partners.

We’re moving mountains for patients

By applying what we’re great at (building robust technology) to an ever-growing healthcare problem, we’re able to help thousands of patients, have a positive effect on a complicated industry, and truly help people.

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