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Cowell Family Cancer Center Took its Financial Navigation Program to the Next Level

The Cowell Family Cancer Center at Munson Healthcare has been providing financial navigation services to its patients since 2013.

As the volume of patients experiencing financial toxicity increased, the Munson team sought ways to alleviate the manual, resource-intensive administrative tasks so they could put greater focus on truly supporting their patients. Munson selected TailorMed to support its organizational goals and the growing needs of its patient population.

TailorMed Platform centralizes program resources and streamlines tedious, time-consuming tasks so that assistance teams can proactively secure funding for patients, at scale. Once Munson adopted the platform, productivity and program capacity improved significantly, allowing its team to review more patients, identify and secure more relevant funding opportunities, and stay ahead on renewals.

With TailorMed's advanced reporting capabilities, the cancer center's management team was able to track program performance and its financial impact on the organization.
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1,400 newly diagnosed/year
2 Financial Navigators
Traverse City, MI
Approval for
reviewed patients
A more proactive process
Improved team productivity
Increased assistance approvals
Better organizational alignment
Positive financial performance

With TailorMed, the center saw a significant improvement in both the funding it was able to secure for its patients as well as the program's direct impact to the organization’s financial performance.
The Munson team reported the platform enabled them to work more efficiently, which supported the increased volume in patients that could be assisted proactively. The team could also monitor their own productivity and stay on top of critical priorities to ensure nothing fell through the cracks.

TailorMed has built a comprehensive financial navigation solution that encompasses all aspects of our cancer center’s processes. By using TailorMed, I was able to work more efficiently, keep up with savings opportunities, be more proactive in my outreach, and provide the necessary support our patients need.

Clara Lambert
Oncology Financial Navigator