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Munson Healthcare Optimizes Financial Navigation with Technology and Expert Support

Since 2016, Munson Healthcare has provided state-of-the-art cancer services through its Cowell Family Cancer Center and its Regional Cancer Network. Its holistic approach focuses on offering the latest advanced treatments and guiding patients at each step of their journey—from diagnosis to survivorship.

As the volume of patients experiencing financial toxicity increased, the Munson team sought ways to alleviate the manual, resource-intensive administrative tasks so they could put greater focus on truly supporting their patients. Munson selected TailorMed to support its organizational goals and the growing needs of its patient population.

In Phase 1 of the project, Munson utilized TailorMed Platform to centralize program resources and streamline tedious, time-consuming tasks so that assistance staff could proactively secure funding for patients, at scale. Once implemented, productivity and program capacity improved significantly, allowing its team to review more patients, identify and secure more relevant funding opportunities, and stay ahead on renewals.

In Phase 2, Munson implemented TailorMed Complete, TailorMed's financial navigation as-a-service offering, to supplement the work of its team. TailorMed's remote team of expert navigators took on claims management, opening Munson staff to dedicate more time to insurance optimization, identifying opportunities to offset patient living expenses, and partnering with community resources to ensure smooth transitions of care for their patients.
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1,300 unique patients assisted
1,500 individual enrollments
$49M approved funding
increase in
patients assisted
increase in
program approvals
claimed copay
Increased revenue collection, reduced write-offs
Staff can focus on proactive, whole-patient care
49% decrease in AR days on claims
$62K in living expense grants
$69K in patient savings through Medicare LIS
$31K in patient savings through MSP

The combined approach of TailorMed Platform + Support has empowered Munson's team to focus on what they do best. The staff can now help patients secure optimal benefits (including supplemental coverage), enroll in Munson’s internal assistance program, and offset living expenses, transportation costs, and more. They also meet with partners such as United Way to ensure a smooth transition of care to community resources. These changes have strengthened the financial navigation program, boosted workforce morale, and lowered the likelihood of burnout. In sum, the initiative has accelerated Munson’s capacity to provide the high-quality, holistic care for which it is known.

We’re working together for better outcomes. Now, I tell patients, ‘I’m going to transfer you to my copay card team,’ and that’s when I lean on TailorMed Complete. We’re able to get our patients into insurance plans where they can afford their medications, because TailorMed is doing the other work behind the scenes. It’s also made it easier for us to recruit staff. When someone leaves and we hire a new navigator, we don’t worry because we have the TailorMed team to fall back on.

Ashley Ochoa
Coordinator, Coding Operations, Oncology Service Line