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How Augusta Oncology Surpassed 2020 Patient Financial Resource Enrollments and Revenue in Only 6 Months

Augusta Oncology is a physician-owned practice, providing community-based cancer care. With a deep commitment to ensuring patients get access to needed care, Augusta has offered financial assistance for over 15 years. Their experienced financial navigation team primarily used a manual “pen and paper” approach to manage collecting information about patients in treatment and enrolling them in funding opportunities. This inhibited the team from serving and enrolling more patients.

With TailorMed’s financial navigation platform, staff could now proactively identify patients at risk of not affording treatment, uncover matching financial resources – such as copay cards and free drug programs – and quickly enroll them.

Augusta went live with TailorMed’s platform prepared to take on the annual peak season of insurance enrollment that occurs at the beginning of the calendar year. TailorMed helped them scale their efforts, leading them to surpass the goals they set for first-month enrollments. Within the first 6 months of 2021, TailorMed helped Augusta Oncology exceed their 2020 enrollment and revenue numbers.

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300 appointments/day
3 Financial Navigators
3 Practices
Increase in Average
2020 vs. 1H 2021
Increase in Average
2020 vs. 1H 2021
of Enrollments
were Copays

Proactively identify financially at-risk patients
Uncover matching financial resources
Quickly enroll in programs
Quickly scale during peak season of insurance enrollment

“We’ve been a patient-centered organization since Day 1 and never want to turn a patient away. TailorMed has enabled us to create opportunities for more patients in our communities without financial resources. Their dashboard also gives me visibility into what I need to know about our team’s progress and the financial improvements we’ve made.”

Traci Duffie
CEO, Augusta Oncology