At TailorMed, we like to say that we’re not only dedicated to helping healthcare organizations optimize financial assistance … We’re obsessed. Our customer success managers fully embrace this mindset, working hand-in-hand with our clients and their teams to ensure they can leverage our solutions to the fullest extent possible. They also partner with departments across our company to problem-solve, present users’ needs and perspectives, and continually enhance our products. Their work is critical to realizing our vision of affordable healthcare for all.

Meet the valued members of our Client Success team:

Team member: Brianna Bogan

Role: VP, Customer Success

Home Base: Boise, Idaho 

Service at TailorMed: Since November 2021

Experience: An engineer by training, Brianna began her career in management consulting. She then spent almost five years at a technology company, Relativity, where she helped launch the Customer Success team and held HR- and operations-focused roles. During her tenure, the company went global and increased in size from 250 to 1,000 employees. Eager to make a difference, she decided to transition to healthcare and discovered Vivor, a financial navigation technology startup. At Vivor, she served as Head of Operations before the company was acquired by TailorMed in 2021. Now part of the TailorMed family, she is proud to lead the Client Success team.

Quick Quote: “Our intention as a team is to truly be an extension of the client. We have a learning mentality, seeking to understand the pain points of our end users. The world of financial navigation is still new, so we often play a key role in shaping our clients’ programs, extending their reach, and helping them build analytics to demonstrate their success. And ultimately, this means they’re able to help more patients afford care.”


Team member: Corene Lacina

Role: Senior Customer Success Manager

Home Base: East Northport, New York

Service at TailorMed: Since May 2020

Experience: Corene brings to TailorMed experience in many areas, including customer support, product management, and database administration. After a brief stint as a music teacher, she held technical support roles at Standard Register and Bloomberg Financial Services. She then spent 13 years at Computer Associates, formerly one of the world’s largest enterprise software companies. There, she worked on network monitoring and help desk software, serving as a product manager and solutions architect, among other roles. She moved on to Allscripts, a leading Electronic Medical Records (EMR) company, where she spent almost seven years in various client relations roles. Having watched her father struggle with chronic heart disease, she was drawn to TailorMed’s mission, which enables patients to “focus on getting better instead of worrying about paying their bills.”

Quick Quote: “I totally believe in what we do. I work with our clients to make sure they’re able to realize the value of TailorMed, recognize that value, and communicate it to their leadership. I love partnering with them to establish and achieve their goals. I also enjoy troubleshooting with our product and support teams, ensuring our clients’ voices don’t get lost. At the end of the day, when our clients have the tools to be successful, the patients benefit.”


Team Member: Anthony Young

Role: Senior Customer Success Manager

Home Base: Seminole, Florida

Service at TailorMed: Since January 2021

Experience: Anthony has more than three decades of experience in the technology sector. His many roles have spanned product and business development, systems administration, client services, and more. Most recently, he served as a Senior Manager of Customer Success at FinThrive, a revenue management technology company serving health systems. Prior to FinThrive, he was an Account Manager at MedAssets, which offers margin and cash flow improvement solutions for healthcare providers. At TailorMed, he contributes his deep industry knowledge and skillset to partner with provider organizations in our network.

Quick Quote: “I’ve had the opportunity to work with many software and healthcare companies over my career. This is the first one where we’re really doing something that directly impacts patients, rather than just the bottom line of a health system’s revenue cycle.” 


Team Member: Liz Thompson

Role: Senior Customer Success Manager

Service at TailorMed: Since November 2021

Home Base: Los Angeles, California

Experience: Liz contributes a strong background in client relations, technology, and digital health. She previously served as a Customer Success Manager at Vivor. Following TailorMed’s acquisition of Vivor, she has been instrumental in transitioning Vivor clients to the TailorMed platform. Prior to Vivor, she was a Customer Success Specialist at Salesforce, where she helped grow her clients’ value and improve adoption at scale. She enjoys building trusting relationships with the organizations we serve and ensuring their teams have the tools they need.

Quick Quote: “At TailorMed, our mission is to remove financial barriers to care for patients, and our clients are on the front lines of this work. By centering our clients in everything we do, we’re empowering them to secure more assistance for their patients. Our entire company works tirelessly to prioritize our clients’ needs, whether designing and implementing new solutions or delivering seamless experiences to our users.”


Team Member: Zak Hollingshead

Role: Senior Customer Success Manager

Home Base: Warren, Maine

Service at TailorMed: Since May 2022

Experience: After studying international business, Zak spent almost a decade at athenahealth, a cloud-based EMR company. During his tenure, he traveled to almost every state in the nation working with some of the company’s largest clients. His roles spanned customer support and success and implementation project management, allowing him to gain experience across the customer lifecycle. At TailorMed, he works primarily with large specialty pharmacies and infusion centers. While no two clients take the same path to achieve their goals, he appreciates the opportunity to create the “building blocks” that help them get there.  

Quick Quote: “Our team’s role is to steer the ship so that our clients are successful. I enjoy working one-on-one with healthcare leaders, developing a rapport, and advocating for them with our internal teams. When we take a step back, we realize that our work has a major impact. Every time our technology helps match a patient with a copay card or another resource, we know there’s a life behind it.” 


Team Member: Jyoti Gill, PharmD

Role: Customer Success Manager

Home Base: Lakeland, Florida

Service at TailorMed: Since September 2022

Experience: While earning her doctorate in pharmacy (PharmD), Jyoti developed a passion for reducing the cost of healthcare for everyone. Before joining TailorMed, she served as a Customer Success Manager at healthcare technology startups Olive and Kalderos. In these roles, she became adept at maintaining client relationships, strategic business planning, and project management. She enjoys addressing clients’ technology-based needs and helping them improve operational efficiencies.

Quick Quote: “My mother has rheumatoid arthritis, so TailorMed’s mission is personal to me. My goal is to advocate for our clients and help them use our solutions better. I love problem-solving, no matter what the challenge. By addressing these challenges, our team truly enables our clients to move mountains for patients.”


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