At TailorMed, customer service is part of our ethos. Our network includes leading hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, life science companies, and other partners, who share our vision of affordable care for all. We recognize that every client faces different obstacles around financial assistance–and our goal is to ensure our solutions meet their unique needs.

At the heart of our commitment to excellence is our Customer Support team. These passionate team members, each of whom possesses a strong background in healthcare, ensure our users can utilize TailorMed to the fullest extent possible. They also work with teams across our company–from R&D to Product to Implementation–to continually improve our platform and user experience.

Whether assisting a financial navigator, a pharmacy technician, or another healthcare professional, they understand that each interaction has a ripple effect–enabling that user to better connect their patients with vital financial resources. 

Meet the dedicated members of our Customer Support team:

Team Member: Kimaula Aitkens

Role: Team Lead, Customer Support

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Service at TailorMed: Since October 2019

Experience: Kimaula has been with TailorMed since its early days, joining the company in 2019 as its second full-time employee. Healthcare has always been Kimaula’s passion. She began her career as a home health aide, working one-on-one with patients and their families. She went on to join Oscar Health, a health insurance company serving one million-plus members in 20 states. She started an entire team as a Provider Concierge and developed companywide processes to improve the user experience. 

Her work at Oscar made her even more aware of the access barriers patients often face. When she learned about TailorMed, she jumped at the opportunity to help address the root cause of many of these barriers: affordability. Now the Customer Support Team Lead, Kimaula loves problem-solving–and empowering her team to do the same. 

Quick quote: “As a home health aide, I saw patients having to decide between buying food or continuing their medication. Although I’m no longer working with individual patients, our team at TailorMed is helping to solve the broader challenges that impact many patients. When we troubleshoot with a client, we’re always asking ourselves, ‘How many clients is this issue affecting?’ and ‘How many patients is this affecting?’ Our goal is not only to solve that client’s specific problems, but to improve our solutions for every client, so that our entire network realizes the benefits.” 


Team Member: Carlene Robinson

Role: Customer Support Specialist

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Service at TailorMed: Since February 2020

Experience: After watching a close family member struggle with cancer, Carlene was inspired to pursue a career in healthcare administration. She started out at Spreemo, a worker’s compensation technology startup. She then served as a Patient Service Representative at AdvantageCare Physicians (ACPNY), which offers primary care, family doctors, and specialists in offices across New York City and Long Island. Having observed firsthand the challenges of affordability, Carlene joined TailorMed with a strong desire to make a difference and improve access to care.

Quick quote: “For me, my work at TailorMed is personal. I know exactly what it feels like to see patients face-to-face. I know how difficult it can be to get the proper care and to afford care. Every time I help a TailorMed user, I realize I’ve helped so many patients get access to financial assistance. It feels great to work for a company that is tackling affordability for all patients–no matter what type of insurance they have or what their diagnosis is. And the fact that I get to move mountains for patients with like-minded individuals is just awesome.”


Team Member: Adebola Kuye

Role: Customer Support Specialist

Hometown: Queens, New York

Service at TailorMed: Since September 2021

Experience: Adebola spent over six years at VNS Health, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit home and community-based healthcare organizations, where he served as an Account Manager, among other roles. When he made the move to TailorMed, he was excited to apply his healthcare experience to the technology space. Since joining the company, he has held positions on both the Customer Support and Implementation teams, which has given him the opportunity to work with multiple stakeholders within the organizations we serve. Describing himself as naturally curious, Adebola enjoys doing a deep-dive to solve complex challenges on behalf of our users.

Quick Quote: “Our users’ job is to help their patients–and our team is here to assist them in that process. I enjoy helping financial navigators and other users better understand our system and provide answers to their questions. Our team is on the frontlines, hearing what our users are saying and advocating for them when issues arise. It’s gratifying to suggest ideas for improvements and then see them incorporated into our platform. And ultimately, everything we do goes toward making sure these navigators and pharmacists find the best assistance programs for their patients, as quickly as possible.”


Team Member: Knaja Thompson

Role: Customer Support Specialist

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Service at TailorMed: Since September 2021

Experience: Prior to TailorMed, Knaja worked as a Provider Relations Specialist at Oscar Health, where she helped maintain the company’s relationships with hospitals and other medical facilities. One of her main responsibilities was to advocate for patients who were balance-billed by a provider. She also helped address claims denials. This experience gave her insight into the challenge of unaffordable medical bills. Her role at TailorMed gives her the chance to work on the “other side,” she says, by ensuring patients have the resources they need to afford care before they receive a bill. 

Quick Quote: “I love working at TailorMed and hearing how much our solutions help our clients. Recently, I was on a call with a pharmacy user, and she took the time to tell me that our products make her work so much better and easier. Just knowing how much users value TailorMed–and that it’s helping them remove financial barriers for their patients–makes me feel really good. When I see just how much certain treatments cost, I think, ‘Who could afford this?’ At TailorMed, we’re making sure patients get the funding they deserve.”


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