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Director of Strategic Growth, Manufacturer Solutions


TailorMed is a technology startup on a mission to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for U.S. patients. To solve such a complex challenge, it takes a village, or as we say at TailorMed, a network! We’ve built the nation’s largest network of providers, pharmacies, partners, and life sciences companies who have joined us in making treatment affordable for all patients across all medical conditions.

The TailorMed network is powered by a suite of advanced solutions designed to proactively identify patients who need help the most, match them to all available financial resources, and most importantly, make it easy for patients to utilize those resources.

This is what we mean by “moving mountains for patients” and we’re ridiculously passionate about it.

We are actively seeking a highly accomplished and visionary professional to assume the role of Director of Strategic Growth, Manufacturer Solutions. The successful candidate will lead the strategic direction, planning, execution, optimization of commercial programs and overall growth of our Pharma activities. This position demands a deep understanding of the industry, proven
leadership experience, exceptional project management skills and the ability to drive innovation and cross functional collaboration within the organization.


  • Formulate and execute a comprehensive strategic plan for Pharma, aligned with the company’s organizational objectives.
  • Provide visionary leadership, fostering a culture of innovation, product excellence, and continuous improvement.
  • Identify and pursue new business opportunities, partnerships, and market expansion strategies within the Pharma sector.
  • Drive revenue growth and market share expansion through strategic initiatives, effective business development efforts and a product centric approach.
  • Identify and cultivate strong customer and industry relationships, along with deep knowledge of market dynamics to drive growth, internal investments, and business priorities. 
  • Deliver on program commitments to our customers with strong customer satisfaction across cost, schedule, technical, management, quality, and communications. 
  • Collaborate seamlessly with sales, marketing, CS, R&D, and other departments to ensure the successful execution of Pharma programs.
  • Develop and implement relevant KPIs to measure the success of the Pharma programs.
  • Generate regular reports, analyze data, and provide insights to senior management for strategic decision-making.
  • Proactively address challenges, leveraging industry insights and data-driven decisions to overcome obstacles.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Life Sciences, Business, Engineering or a related field; Master’s degree is a plus.
  • Proven track record of successfully leading and growing business activity (sales, business development, etc.) within a product company in the life sciences sector.
  • Proven ability to manage complex projects with a focus on meeting industry-specific regulations and standards.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to collaborate effectively in a cross-functional environment.
  • Analytical mindset with proficiency in interpreting data and deriving actionable insights.
  • Strategic thinker with a proactive approach to problem-solving in the life sciences context.
  • In-depth knowledge of life sciences business operations, including manufacturing, R&D, and quality control.
  • Visionary and strategic thinker with a demonstrated ability to drive innovation and navigate industry complexities.
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