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    Introducing TailorMed Remote Navigation

    These days, the world is seeing a major outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), which has already led to the deaths of thousands of Americans and left more than 300 million under virtual lockdown.

    For millions of Americans, these unique circumstances and the severe economic implications are exacerbating the Financial Toxicity they are already experiencing, and the financial pressure on healthcare providers is reaching new heights.

    Telehealth solutions have been adopted in the last few years in various areas of care and we believe that financial navigation should be no different.

    We are introducing a first of its kind solution, combining our state-of-the-art software platform with a full remote turnkey service.

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    Financial Toxicity

    High out of pocket costs are causing severe financial hardship and poorer clinical outcomes for millions of patients around the country.
    Their inability to pay medical bills is also harming the financial health of provider organizations by dramatically impacting their revenues (uncompensated care).

    COVID-19 Outbreak

    The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has exacerbated these challenges for patients and providers due to the added financial strain, impact on income, and the risk of completely losing health coverage.

    Call for remote solutions

    Patients with existing medical conditions are asked to stay at home and their ability to get access to care and financial assistance services is severely restricted. This calls for remote solutions to ensure patients are able to continue their care and alleviate their hardship and anxiety.

    A full turnkey – remote solution

    TailorMed online platform is an end-to-end solution that streamlines and automates the financial navigation process. It uses advanced analytics to identify financial assistance and offer personalized funding opportunities, with the ability to enroll patients in these programs.

    A complete solution – TailorMed offers a full range of services including patient financial navigation over the phone or video, provided by leading Financial Navigators from across the country and the ability to enroll patients into hundreds of programs.

    Key features

    Zero setup time Quick sign up process and your account is ready!

    Automatic Financial Navigation Software Patient specific analysis, identification and enrollment of patients’ to financial assistance programs, government plans and insurance optimization opportunities.
    Broad coverage of financial navigation opportunities, including: pharma copay, free/replacement drugs, local and nationwide foundations, living expenses and transportation , as well as state and federal government plans

    Full remote service Financial navigation over the phone or video, provided by leading Financial Navigators from across the country, and ability to support patients remotely from their home

    Diagnosis agnostic Full coverage of diagnoses, drugs and financial assistance opportunities

    Powerful reporting capabilities TailorMed Financial Insights is a powerful analytics and reporting dashboard that tracks, measures and reports the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of your financial navigation processes and allows administrators and financial executives to measure the impact on the center’s bottom line

    HIPAA Compliant