“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

2023 was another momentous year. We expanded our network in new, important directions. We enhanced our solutions. Most importantly, we worked together to help more patients afford lifesaving—and life-changing—care.

But that’s not all. When I reflect on 2023, one word comes to mind: resilience. As a U.S.-based, Israel-founded company, we have been personally impacted by recent world events. The past few months have tested us in ways we could never have imagined. And yet, we continued to push forward, thanks to the resilience of our teams, across all of our offices, who have supported one another. Our commitment to our partners, to our mission, and to each other has never faltered. 

Our success this year is a testament to our team’s courage, resolve, and shared vision. Here are some of our top achievements:

We Secured Over $4 Billion for Patients

For us, “moving mountains for patients” means empowering the healthcare organizations in our network to maximize patient cost savings—anywhere a prescription is written or dispensed.

This year, we lived up to our promise. At the end of 2022, we proudly shared that we had secured a total $3 billion in patient financial assistance since our founding. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that this amount has climbed to more than $4 billion. These resources include drug manufacturer copay assistance, foundation grants, living expense funds, and more.

These funds make a huge difference, improving patients’ ability to afford and adhere to necessary care—and ultimately, achieve the best possible outcomes. 

We Strengthened Our Network

Since 2017, we’ve built the nation’s largest affordability network. This year, we’ve broadened our reach and deepened our existing partnerships. Today, our solutions have been implemented across more than 750 hospitals, 1,300-plus clinics, and over 600 pharmacies.

Our goal is not simply to keep growing, but to foster connections between our network constituents as they collectively tackle healthcare costs. This year, we’ve seen this “Network Effect” in action, particularly as our platform enables providers and pharmacies to more easily access the aid offered by pharmaceutical companies. Looking ahead, we hope to facilitate even stronger connections between stakeholders in order to effect meaningful change.

We Deepened Our Life Science Partnerships

In the beginning, we focused on partnering with hospitals and health systems. We then expanded to pharmacies, which also play a key role in helping patients afford their medications. 

We didn’t stop there. In 2023, we joined forces with several prominent life science companies. By the end of this year, we’ll have more than 60 brands supported by our Express Enroll feature, which facilitates seamless, in-platform enrollment in manufacturer financial assistance programs. These partnerships enable us to bridge the gap between eligible patients and available funding.

We Released New–and Better–Solutions

At TailorMed, we continually ask ourselves, “How can we make financial assistance processes faster and easier for our users?” In 2023, we proudly released several new products and features that do just that. These included enhancing our Claims Management module, updating our Pharmacy solutions, data, and interoperability, and scaling our prescription drug database. In addition, we launched our alpha program for our patient experience solution. We can’t wait for what 2024 has in store!

We Paired Tech Power with People Power

We know technology can help address affordability for patients and the entire health system. But in many cases, technology is not enough. As the healthcare industry faces severe workforce shortages, provider and pharmacy staff are spread thin—and many lack training in financial navigation. That’s why we created our TailorMed Complete service; our expert team supports overburdened staff and helps them take financial assistance to the next level. In 2023, the TailorMed Complete team significantly expanded its reach, and they’re ramping up in the new year. 

We Raised Awareness

We believe it’s crucial to spread awareness about the challenges of affordability—and how a network-driven, tech-powered approach can help solve them. In 2023, our leadership was invited to speak at key industry conferences. For the second year in a row, we spoke at the Asembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit. Our Director of Financial Navigation Clara Lambert and Service Manager Erin Bragg also gave talks, led panels, and participated in roundtable discussions at the Healthcare Advocate Summit (HAS), Association of Community Cancer Centers (ACCC) National Oncology Conference, and the Academy of Nurse and Patient Navigators (AONN) Annual Conference. 

At the ACCC conference, our longtime valued client, Munson Healthcare, delivered a poster presentation, highlighting how they successfully leveraged our technology and expert support to boost their financial navigation efforts.

We Were Recognized as an Industry Leader

In 2023, TailorMed was named to the New York Digital Health 100 (DH100) list, which recognizes the most exciting and innovative startups in the New York region. Digital Health New York publishes the annual list as part of the New York Healthcare Innovation Report, a comprehensive analysis that takes an in-depth look at the data, trends, and people that have propelled New York to become the capital of healthcare innovation. 

We were proud to be included on this list of distinguished, forward-thinking companies that are making a meaningful impact on the future of healthcare.

Big Dreams, Brighter Days

I couldn’t be prouder of our achievements this year, despite these difficult times for our teams. 

We’ve evolved beyond a financial navigation technology company into a robust affordability network. Looking ahead, we plan to leverage our experience and expertise to remove barriers to care more broadly—not only focusing on costs, but on other obstacles that limit patient access.

We look forward to sharing more details in the new year. In the meantime, during these challenging days, it gives me strength and comfort to know that our work is making a positive difference in patients’ lives.

Here’s to brighter days as we continue to “move mountains” in 2024.


In Loving Memory: Sagi Golan

Sagi Golan

This year, we experienced the tragic loss of our beloved colleague and friend, Sagi Golan (z”l). Sagi fought bravely and died in action at Kibbutz Be’eri, during the October 7th attack in Israel. Sagi was known for his talent, kind heart, ambitions, team spirit, and warm, upbeat personality. He was an extremely valuable member of his team and TailorMed as a whole, taking on more and more responsibilities that were a testament to his talent and sense of ownership. 

We miss Sagi terribly, and he will always be part of the TailorMed family. Sagi’s passion, drive, and positive spirit will continue to serve as an inspiration to all of us in the months and years to come.